Friday, May 30, 2014

I'm on Huffington Post!

Last week I was walking down Dearborn Street when I heard this polite little voice ask, "Excuse me?" It took a second to register that this voice was directed at me, but when I turned around I saw a girl walking up behind me. She asked if she could take my picture for a blog. Obviously I replied with an enthusiastic, "Of course!" because, let's be real, it was incredibly flattering and these kinds of things do not happen every day. I asked her what blog she works for and she replied with one I am very familiar with. I am talking about College Fashionista, which is the very same blog I worked for while I was attending Indiana University. If you are unfamiliar with the blog, it documents student style all over the world. The girl I met, Sarah, attends Northeastern University in Boston, but she is currently in Chicago interning for CF. She incorporated the pictures she took of me to give some style inspiration to college students. You can see the article on Huffington Post here. Needless to say, Sarah kind of made my day. She was absolutely lovely and I'm happy I met her. Here are some of the shots she took:

Half of this outfit was thrifted. I'm telling you, second hand is where it's at. 
Also, I found those shoes on sale four years ago.

Grandpa sweater: Plato's Closet in Bloomington | Tank and Belt: Goodwill | Pants: Levi's | Bag: Jessica Simpson

As previously mentioned, I used to write for College Fashionista back in the day.  The blog has become extremely successful and it's interesting to see how young 20-somethings are dressing all over the world. I really enjoyed writing for this blog. It encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone to approach people who had great style. Writing a style column every week fulfilled me.You can see all of my posts here. 

Some of the absolute best memories I made in college were with the fashion design students. I had quite a few opportunities to model and all of that. Being around creative people inspired me endlessly. It makes me so happy to see how far they have all come since we graduated. I found this video that College Fashionista made about the RSO show I was in my senior year. It warms my heart to see the footage of Jake and I standing next to each other and listening to him explain his designs. I adore all of these people and I'm so proud of them. Excuse me as I leisurely stroll down memory lane... 

 I was lucky enough to model some of Jake's designs in two different shows. Let me brag for a second...

This is the design I am wearing in the video.
(Left: Jake's showcase |Right: RSO show)

Another design at his showcase. I loved every minute of it.

Like I said, these were some of the best memories I made while I was in Bloomington. Although I'm not working the in fashion industry, a piece of my heart will always belong to it because I have loved fashion, style, and aesthetics my whole life. It makes me happy when I meet people who have similar interests. You can count on me continuing to post fashion/beauty related things on here. I'm pretty much over the moon about this feature. Thank you again, Sarah! It was a pleasure. :) 

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To see Sarah's posts on College Fashionista, just click here

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