Monday, June 16, 2014

Current Nail Favorites

I am a nail polish fiend. Honestly, I have always had more than enough bottles to keep a person satisfied. I am not going to sit here and try to justify what I know is a ridiculous spending habit, but I will say I recently purged my collection and am left with colors I actually use and wear often.

Seriously, look at all of these. Ridiculous.

 And now I'm left with these (plus the one I bought yesterday which you will see below).

Takin' inventory.

Okay, so now that I have admitted to a slight spending problem, let's move on...

Here are some of my current favorite nail polish colors. The quality of these photos is kind of terrible and I apologize. I'm working with what I've got. Anyway, I gravitate toward anything ranging from deep purple to what some call "greige".

(NYC: Plaza Plumberry | Studio M: Rad Nomad | Revlon: Charming | Essie: Ladylike | Revlon: Elegant)


Sometimes I display current favorites in my room like so. 

I purchased Revlon's Elegant yesterday and I am very happy with the color and formula. It's an understated and feminine color. It reminds me of something Lana Del Rey would wear and we all know how I feel about her, so there's that. Which reminds me I need to download her NEW ALBUM.

I am pleased with some of the formulas, others not as much. Since I do my own nails all of the time, it's important that I find quality polishes and it's even better when they are not expensive. Maybe this whole buying nail polish all the time thing is more like research. Yeah, research is what we will call it. And here I am delivering my findings to you! You're welcome. ;) Is anyone else as obsessed with doing their own nails as much as I am? I know some people could care less about nail maintenance, but I enjoy it. Doing my nails is like a 30 minute downtime activity for me. And we all deserve a little bit of that now and then, right?

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