Friday, June 6, 2014

Five Favorites No. 3

1. I found this song by BANKS at the perfect time. Don't you love when that happens?

2.  NYX Butter Gloss, particularly in the shade Creme Brulee. It's a nice pinky nude and it smells delicious.

3. This shirt. I need it. Reminds me of Jay and Bey's new song I'm always hearing on the radio. 

4. I feel like I'm always talking about Warsan Shire, but that's only because her work needs to be talked about. I have found a lot of solace in her writing. Click here to listen to my favorite poem of all time.

5. I watched SuperBad the other night and it still kills me. It came out in 2007, when I was 17, but it still gets me every time. There are things I still say to this day that came from that movie. I will always love it. I will always quote it. Because, really, when a movie is this good... "people don't forget." 

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