Wednesday, June 25, 2014

My Personal Style Inspiration

Style is something I notice. I mean, I really notice. Even today I noticed how nice a cashier was dressed as I was paying for my things. Honestly I was so impressed with how nice he looked. He was obviously someone with a strong sense of personal style. And that is something I deeply respect. There are people who follow trends and there are people who could care less about clothes. I am neither of these people. I do not follow trends. I do care about clothes. Putting an outfit together that really feels like "me" enables me to feel that much better about myself before I start my day.

I have pretty much narrowed down my personal style over the years although it continues to grow and change as I grow and change. I used to spend hours pouring over fashion magazines and tearing pages out. I would take my clippings and paste them inside a notebook. I now own almost 10 of these notebooks because I have been doing this for years. It's fun to look back on what I found inspiring when I was 17 years old and how much my taste has changed since then. However, some things remain the same. There are key fundamental things that still grab at my attention. I pay attention to effortlessness, silhouettes, basics that are not so basic, but allow me to go into further detail below.

To begin, I am particularly attracted to the 1920s and 1960s. I think it has something to do with the age of rebellion and heavy eye makeup. Both decades involved a lot of protest and unladylike behavior, which I'm into. The 1960s are often emulated today and that's because the fashion was to die for. I have already mentioned the makeup, but can we please talk about the clothes? Of course we can. Short skirts, knee high boots, headbands, stripes, I could go on and on...

This brings me to my next inspiration. The amount of adoration I have for this woman is almost obnoxious, but it's just because she's so cool. I'm referring to Alexa Chung. She uses a lot of 1960s silhouettes in her every day look. She loves a good shift dress and flats, but she also has this spunky, tomboy vibe. Everything about this girl is effortless and timeless. She might be the only living famous person I care about.

I take that back. I care deeply about Lana Del Rey as a person and as a style queen. She has referred to herself as a "gangsta" Nancy Sinatra. Oh, stop. I love you. Mostly I just want to borrow all of her cool letterman jackets and door knocker earrings.

As far as style blogs are concerned, my top favorite blog OF ALL TIME is Fashiontoast. Rumi's style is absolutely everything I love encapsulated into one wardrobe. She should get an award for her layering skills. She takes what seem like very basic pieces and layers them together in unique ways. She really has an eye for detail. She collects pieces with an interesting cut or drape so they really are not so basic. Her style is relaxed and minimal, but also incredibly badass at the same time. I don't know how she does it.

Some other really great style blogs belong to:

Claire | Layers basics, great boots, off duty rock star kind of thing.
Coline | A little bohemian, a lot of black, very French.
Jane | Creative, unique, and luxurious.
Karla | Glam-our-ous. Flossy flossy.

I think it's safe to say street style is the biggest source of inspiration because it's literally everywhere. The Sartorialist is a great street style blog that I have kept tabs on for years. Also, I have two separate Pinterest boards dedicated to style; one for spring/summer and one for autumn/winter. So, check those out if you want to see what strikes my fancy.

Personal style is meant to be personal. It's all in the way you carry yourself. What I mean is your energy and personality convey so much more about you than whatever outfit you are wearing. Someone can be rocking some serious heels, but if their energy is off putting I'm not impressed. On the other hand someone can be wearing basic jeans and a tee, but with the right kind of energy I want to know everything about them. Also, don't for one second trick yourself into thinking you have to dress like other people. I love seeing how crazy someone's outfit can get. If anyone gives you a hard time for being unique, they are probably just jealous ;) Keep an eye out for inspiration everywhere you go because it will only lift your spirits and make you feel that much better about your life. I think it is very important to feel like yourself and I think the best way to begin that process is to figure out how you want to show who you are and to be proud of that person. You are important and you matter and you should really love everything about yourself.

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