Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Favorite Skincare Essentials

I enjoy a good skincare routine. I have changed products in and out of my routine over the years, but there are some products that remain my very favorites. I know not everyone gives so much thought to their skin, but I like taking the time to treat my skin well. I am adamant about removing makeup before bed. I use face masks at least once a week. I moisturize my entire body at least twice a day. Okay, so I'm kind of a diva about it. But ask anyone who wears makeup what their favorite part of wearing it is. They will probably say cleaning it all off and having a fresh face. It sounds weird, right? Yeah, it is. 

I think it is important that we treat our skin well. I try to buy products that are as natural as possible. I also try to buy products from brands that do not test on animals. I'm not perfect or entirely strict about this, as you can see from some of the products below, but I do make a conscious effort when I can afford to do so. I rest easier knowing my consuming habit is at least going towards companies that care. The reason I gravitate to these items is not only is it safer for the planet and animals, it's also safer for us. Our skin absorbs every single chemical we put on it and those chemicals end up inside of our bodies. I feel a lot better about my skin and my overall health when products aren't loaded with icky chemicals. I get enough chemicals from the amount of smog I ingest in this city every day. I digress. Let's get on to some of the favorites, shall we?

DIY lavender spray: Mix lavender essential oil in with water, shake, and spray onto your bed, clothes, self.

 eucalyptus oil: Mix it with another oil or lotion and apply to body. Smell like Christmas.

Freeman clay mask: I have 3 different kinds in my medicine cabinet. Inexpensive, animal friendly, good stuff.

Cetaphil face wash: Very gentle and my sensitive skin has taken a liking to it.

 coconut oil: Because it's a miracle product! It moisturizes, takes off makeup, and smells nice.

elf lip exfoliator: My lips get chapped easily so this is very handy.

 Rosebud salve: This and Vaseline save my lips, but they also help heal cuts and burns!

 Aveeno lotion: Honestly, I buy this because it smells really good.

Fresh perfume: An excellent beauty company for those of you who are into natural things. 

I was recently perusing Free People's blog when I stumbled across this article.  It inspired me to peel labels off of certain items to give a more peaceful aesthetic to my space. Also, a tip that I suggest is to reuse containers and bottles for other products. For instance, I cleaned an empty jar of the Aveeno lotion and reused it for another lotion that would no longer pump out of it's bottle. I literally cut the bottle in half and scooped out the extra stuff. To think how much would be wasted! Instead I have an entire jar of lotion to use. I have to pat myself on the back sometimes.

Some other really great brands to check out are Origins, Aveda, and Soap & Glory. I have used and loved several products from each of these brands. Not only are they animal friendly, they also do a really great job AND smell amazing. I want to live inside of an Aveda salon to smell like rosemary forever, I swear.

To put it simply, I believe in being kind to yourself. An easy and relaxing way to do this daily is to invest in a skincare routine you love and enjoy doing. Please remember you deserve nice things.

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