Thursday, July 3, 2014

Red, White, Blue's In The Sky

In honor of this upcoming holiday, I thought I would share lots of pretty pictures to really get everyone in the mood to celebrate! Most people equate USA with LA/NY, but if you grew up outside of those two cities then you know there's a lot more to this country than palm trees or big city lights. I grew up in what is often referred to as a "fly over state" and yes, I used to resent it. I just had to bust out of that small town. In hindsight, I can appreciate the wholesome qualities of the Midwest. In fact, I love small towns. I also love big cities. I love it all. And so, here's to celebrating our diverse and very large home. Plus, who doesn't love Americana? C'mon.

Lana perfectly encapsulates the glamour and nostalgia of the American Dream. She frequently references America and American icons in her music. So dreamy.

  My personal theme song.

And to my fellow Hoosiers, these songs are for you.
Have a great and safe holiday everyone!

Lana being the all American girl. Swoon.

Until next time,


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