Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Winged Eyeliner (Tutorial)

I'm not even going to pretend that my eyeliner game is strong. There are days that I get it all wrong and I end up frustrated that my hand just cannot seem to draw the line I want. And to keep a full disclosure with you, my dear reader, I had to film this tutorial twice because the first time I did my eyeliner it wasn't what I wanted. You will hear more about this in the video below, but I just wanted to remind you that even when you mess up you can always try again :) Alright, motivational speech time is over. I hope you enjoy this video and that it may be somewhat helpful to you and your own eyeliner game.

I can't post this without giving honorable mentions to the women I consider winged eyeliner goddesses. This goes out to ladies I see rocking a perfect wing as a part of their signature look. I've got to hand it to them because it is not an easy task to draw them on a regular basis. Seriously, it takes patience and a steady hand and both of those things are hard to come by early in the morning without that first cup of coffee running through your blood stream. 

Oh, Alexa. I love that she insists on drawing the eyeliner herself.

Amy Amy Amy!
This beautiful, magnificent woman continues to inspire me regularly. 

Anna K, one of the originals.

Brigitte pretty much epitomizes the sex kitten thing. 

Francoise's signature look was a small wing. 

You all knew Lana would be featured on this list. C'mon.

Also, I'm up for suggestions on video ideas because I'm finding that it's fun to make them! If that sounds like something you would want to see, leave suggestions in the comments here or on my social media pages. 
Thank you again!

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