Friday, August 8, 2014


Let's talk about how amazing books are for a minute. In between two covers is an entire story that you can get wrapped up in, get lost in. Any time I feel alone or anxious, I pick up a book and it's an escape from anything that is troubling me. I visit the public library often and when I have the extra money, I wander around bookstores for much longer than anyone would want to wait for me. I have always loved hearing stories and learning to read opened up an entire world of education. Once a child can read, they can literally learn anything. It's crazy. Books provide a comfort that I can never put into words. Like, all I really ever need is a book, a cup of coffee, and a cat. I'm so serious. To me, books are as cozy as blankets and as fascinating as magic. And I always say, to be a good writer one must also be a good reader. 

I thought I would share some of my favorite books on here because I believe knowing someone's favorite stories is a great way to get to know them. This list was simplified because I couldn't possibly talk about all of my favorites. It would take me, like, ten years. Along with the video, I thought I would give a tiny shout out to my favorite fictional bookworms that I looked up to as a young girl. I am grateful to the people who wrote these characters into fruition because I really don't know who I would be without them. They taught me that books hold the potential for greater understanding and that it's actually cool to be smart, even if other people don't think it is. I only hope I can create characters like this someday. 

The first fictional character I ever felt a connection to was Matilda. 
The movie released in 1996 and I was about the same age as Matilda the first time I watched it. 
I knew then that she and I were kindred spirits, loners with a love for stories and escapism.

Jo March from Little Women inspired me because she lived for literature in a time when most women were expected to worry about getting married and raising a family. She was a rebel for her time. I loved her for it. 

Hermione Granger lived in the fantasy world I could only dream about.
She was smart and sassy and I wish we were BFFs.

Rory Gilmore was also smart and sassy and I wish we were BFFs.
And she read a lot of books. A lot.
Gilmore Girls is probably one of the best shows ever. 

My most recent favorite, Suzy Bishop.
Because I, too, love books with magic powers and girl heroes.

 Moving on then, here's the video I made talking about my favorite books. I hope you enjoy! And please leave any book suggestions if you wish. Or tell me about some of your favorites. I would love to know :)

Until next time,
Lisa Simpson, one of the smartest and coolest fictional bookworm/feminists on  TV.

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  1. Hello, Amelia!

    First I just want to say that I appreciate the things you have written in this blog. I am so pleased with yesterday's random bout of internet surfing as it has resulted in myself finding a kindred spirit! Reading your posts and watching one of your YouTube videos I have found that we share a few commonalities. We are both 20 something INFJ Leo's with our moons in a sensitive position. Mine is in Aquarius. What probably struck the deepest chord with me is hearing that you too have suffered from collapsed lungs. My left lung fell only once but I have never in my life came across another person my age who has been through the same thing. I am sorry to hear that you have experienced that misery a few more times than anyone should. I hope all is well! I too have been dealing with anxiety for as long as I can remember. I can not stress how thrilled I am to have found this little space in the internet as it has given me a boost that I have needed for a while. I am an artist and designer who struggles with building an online presence. For the longest time I have wanted start a blog on my website to talk about art and post graphic design tutorials. It has been stressful trying to find a way to put myself out there and still be true to my quiet private nature. Thank you again for being an inspiration.