Friday, August 1, 2014

Favorite YouTube Channel Round Up

Guess what? I haven't had cable in years. I think most of what is on television is boring and if I do want to watch a series, I can just binge watch it. Duh. However, my not-so-guilty guilty pleasure is YouTube. It's jam packed with content that you can pick and choose to watch. It's amazing.

I guess I should give a little criteria for why I consider certain YouTube channels to be my "favorites". Well... I like the content they are creating. I like their personalities. They make me laugh. They are the kind of people I would want to be friends with. It's that simple.

First and foremost, there is Claire. I have already dedicated an entire blog post to this girl. She has been documenting bits and pieces of her life in a very original and creative manner. She's so much fun to watch because she keeps it real. She also has a black cat, so...

  I'm totally in this video. Or at least a picture of me. Anyway, I met her this time last year and it was awesome!

Kathleen is not only incredibly adorable, she is also well spoken and hilarious. Like, I seriously laugh out loud when I watch her videos. Her channel focuses on beauty related topics, but she continues to keep me entertained regardless of what she's talking about. She includes bloopers at the end of some of her videos and it just kills me.

Sammi is one of the first YouTubers I ever watched and subscribed to. She talks a lot about fashion and beauty, but she shares a lot of personal things as well. I love her because she's naturally funny and can laugh at herself. She has come a long way in her career and has remained incredibly humble about it. Oh, also she is British and has a French bulldog named Riley. So cute.

Jenn is probably one of the most well known YouTubers in the game. Her style is killer and she seems to me like an incredibly down-to-earth and real person. You would have to watch just one video and you would immediately fall for her. She's a stunner.

Heidi is a hoot and a half. This girl seriously cracks me up. She is silly and sassy and basically a bundle of fun. Not only that, but she is incredibly talented with makeup. She is always doing something glam and dramatic and it ALWAYS looks good.

Sam and Nic are professional makeup artists and they do THE BEST tutorials. They are also British so it's fun to listen to them. I was so excited to see the tutorial below because you know I'm all about the 90s vibe.

One of my most recent discoveries is Mike's channel. He talks about all kinds of things on his channel and no matter how serious the topic may be, he always makes it funny. I love when people are able to speak truthfully about something and it's still humorous. I totally have a crush on this guy's mind.

Anna is the coolest. She discusses various topics and makes her videos incredibly entertaining. She spits so much truth about things and does it with confidence. She is very open about her personal struggles, but she uses all of them to give advice to others who may be struggling as well. She also has, like, four cats.

I learn a whole lot from Cristen. She sheds a lot of light on various topics and you can tell she has a lot of fun no matter what. She's a total goofball, but she's intelligent and articulate. Plus, she openly discusses being a feminist and often inquires her viewers for their opinions on things. Gotta love that.

I'm so glad I stumbled across Sanne's channel. She talks about books! BOOKS! Check out her collection below. *Swoon* Now excuse me while I go buy every book I've ever wanted.

So there's a little more insight as to how I spend my free time. And also the kinds of things I like hearing people talk about. YouTube is such a great platform because you can literally post anything you want to talk about. How amazing is that? I just like hearing what other people have to say. Anyway, I hope y'all have a great weekend.

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