Tuesday, October 21, 2014

DIY | Pine Cone Bird Feeders

I have been wanting to do this particular  DIY for a long time and I have finally been able to. So I thought I would snap some pictures of the process and share them with you today. This has been a favorite craft of mine since I was kid and it is absolutely kid friendly. It's simple (though a bit messy) and  requires only a few, easy to find supplies. The reason why I enjoy this particular craft so much is that it's a way to be outside and it gives birds AND squirrels something to enjoy. Just call me Snow White. So gather up any fallen pine cones and get started!

 additonal supplies needed: 
scissors and a surface for finished cones

Step 1: Double knot a piece of twine or  yarn around your pine cones. It's best to do this to every pine cone before you begin, otherwise you will get peanut butter everywhere. Ask me how I know.

Step 2: This is fun part. Select one of  the pine cones and literally slather peanut butter all over it. I found using a spoon is helpful for this part.

Step 3: Roll the peanut buttery pine cone in a bowl of bird seed. Make sure it is nice and covered so your woodland creatures have lots to snack on.

Ta da! How simple is that?

Step 4: Gather up your cones into a bowl to carry them from tree to tree. Hang them on various branches to allow easy access for the birds and other creatures.

 Are there any fall crafts you enjoy? I would love some suggestions! I hope this maybe inspired you to create a little feeder for your neighborhood birds. I'm sure they will be very grateful. Thanks for visiting. :)

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