Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Fall Makeup Routine (Tutorial)


I posted the photo above to my different social media pages and asked if anyone would like to see how I achieve  my every day Fall makeup look. Quite a few of you responded to it, so I finally sat down and filmed it! GREAT NEWS! I got to use a nice camera and even got to edit clips together! SOOOO HAPPY! :)

Below are pictures I took after I filmed the video. The same products used  both times aside from the eye shadow. I explain why in the video (hint hint watch the video).

I hope you all enjoy this look! It's not too fussy and it helps me feel put together for my day. It's only the beginning of  October, so there is plenty of time for more Fall blogging. Leave comments/suggestions/ideas/whatever you please! I love hearing from you! x

Stay Spooky,

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  1. You are such a delight, always enjoy your postings. By the way, you look marvelous.