Saturday, October 4, 2014

Five Favorites | Fall Vinyl

I began collecting vinyl records in high school. It might have seemed silly because I didn't own a record player, but I knew I would someday. Music has always been my safe place. Discovering that I could hold albums I cherish in my hands opened a new world for me. Collecting them was a way for me to begin creating who I was going to be. Even then I had a very strong idea of the kind of woman I wanted to be. All these years later, I think my 17 year old self would like who I am now. I was frequently in the record stores in Bloomington and I visit them whenever I go back. Lucky for me I worked near a Reckless Records in Chicago so I was in there quite a bit as well. And, of course, I found a record store where I live now that I absolutely adore. Much like the smell of old books, holding an old vinyl gives me a rush of nostalgia and comfort. I like the process of moving the needle and listening to those few seconds of popping before the music begins. 

 My first records included some very well loved Bob Dylan classics. My Bobby D collection has grown immensely since and so has my collection in general. I thought I would share with you some of my favorite albums for this time of year. I'll begin with an obvious choice; Mr. Bob Dylan.

Bob Dylan
The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan
Favorite track: Girl from the North Country

Amy Winehouse 
Back to Black
Favorite track: Tears Dry On Their Own

The Tallest Man On Earth
The Wild Hunt
Favorite track: Kids on the Run

Beach House
Teen Dream
Favorite track: Used to Be

Iron and Wine
Our Endless Numbered Days
Favorite track: Love and Some Verses

What are some of your favorite albums that remind you of this time of year? I'd love some recommendations for vinyls to my ever growing collection. 

Stay Spooky,

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