Monday, October 6, 2014

"I Put A Spell On You" | Style Crush: Witches

I think witches are super cool. I have always wanted magical powers, but since that never happened (or did it?) I live vicariously through stories and movies about having them. What could be more fun than mixing potions, casting spells, and riding around on a broomstick? Not to mention the decadent garb often associated with witchy women. Which is why I'm here because I need to talk about it.

Let's begin with some basic style inspiration. I gather a lot of sartorial ideas from movies. We can't talk about witch style without first mentioning Hocus Pocus. I have to confess that Allison is my actual style crush in this movie. That red hooded coat! However, the Sanderson sisters' costumes are truly iconic. Each sister had her assigned wardrobe color and their dresses were made of velvety goodness. My favorite was always Sarah because purple is one of  my favorite colors, but I have a deep affection for Winifred.

Case in point.


This movie was released in 1993 and the costumes are still mimicked 20+ years later. Everyone. Bow down to the true queens of witchery and style.

Does anyone else cry when Binx finally crosses over? Is that just me? Okay. Moving on...

True '90s fashion gold is found within the approximate 101 minutes that is The Craft. I actually found this movie at a rummage sale for $2. Score. If  you've never seen this movie and you are a 90s lover, I highly suggest you watch it. It is truly a gem from the decade.

Nancy was the most edgy. Obviously.

Can't get enough of the 90s? I can't either. Practical Magic is a great movie to awaken your inner 90s girl. Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman had the best clothes (and the best house) in this movie. The aesthetics in this film are truly lovely.

I highly appreciate Gilli's more wild style.

Though I relate more to Sally's earthy style.

Regardless, their outfits were/are the best.

Also, take time to notice the little black kitten in the beginning of the movie. Gilli is holding a black cat at the end of the movie. It's the same cat. THAT'S AN OLD CAT.

Honorable mentions for cool witch style: Kiki's Delivery Service and Halloweentown. Two of my favorite childhood movies, hands down.

The predicament now is how to work these elements into an every day kind of vibe. The earthy witch thing is easy to do with (duh) earth tones. Cozy sweaters, floral dresses, leather boots, etc. The other side of things is a bit darker and more mysterious, which is often how witches are perceived. I guess you could wear a velveteen cloak (I wouldn't judge you), but I'm assuming most people wouldn't find it practical. The simplest way to embrace your inner witch (you know she's there) is to stick with all black. Think American Horror Story "Coven". Taissa Farmiga's style ruled, but don't forget about the supreme style of Jessica Lange. FIONA! Yeah, that kind of thing.

Here's a little street style inspiration to get your gears moving...

 The motto for this style.

 And here's my take on the concept.

Witch Style

Side note: None of  these images are my own. I found them using Pinterest and Polyvore.

Stay Spooky,

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