Monday, December 15, 2014

Dressing for Winter | Inspiration

So many things have been inspiring me lately, particularly in the way that I dress. A little bit of Chicago still resides in me somewhere, so I can't break my habit of wearing black and grey all of the time. They are my favorite colors. However, I have ventured into wearing navy lately, so that's progress. I have been building a wardrobe that feels more like "me", whatever that means. See what's been inspiring me below...

Francoise, always.

all images were found on Pinterest

I haven't used my Polyvore account in ages, so I thought I would throw together some looks that I rock regularly and a few that I would like to wear in the near future. Polyvore is great because it gives you ideas and also allows you to pretend that your dream closet truly exists. Here are five looks plus a collection of cute winter things at the bottom.

winter look one

winter look two

winter look three

winter look four

winter look five

Nice Things for Winter

What has been inspiring the way you dress this winter? Naturally, if it's very cold where you are, then you may be throwing on whatever keeps you warm. Might as well bundle up with a massive scarf/blanket that you love, right?

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