Sunday, December 7, 2014

Five Favorites | Winter Nail Colors's December. 
I haven't been on here in a minute. My apologies. Rather than blabbing on about all the reasons I haven't been blogging, I'll get started on this post and hopefully make up for all the time I've been away. As you know, I am a nail polish purchasing fiend. It's a disgusting habit that I have no intention of kicking any time soon or ever. With that said, I'm back with some new favorite nail colors I want to share with you! I have one absolute favorite, so keep scrolling to see which one of these little gems holds the top spot in my nail polish collection.

 L to R: 
Orly "Nite Owl", 
Orly "Halo",
 Orly "You're Blushing", 
O.P.I. "Dutch Tulips", 
and Essie "After School Boy Blazer."

I painted the left nails with one coat and the right nails with two coats 
so you could get a better idea of what the opacity looks like.

"Nite Owl" is a taupe shade with golden shimmer throughout it.
What can I say? I like my old lady nail colors. 
The shimmer jazzes it it up.

"Halo" is so beautiful. 
It's opacity is pretty decent, so you get a lot of glitter with just two coats. 
It's made many appearances on my Instagram account. ;)
Also, I can't help hearing this song in my head right now.

Moving right along...

"You're Blushing" is the most lovely nail color I've found in a long time.
I used to wear Essie "Lady Like" for a feminine nail, but this one wins.
It's slightly purple, but not lavender. 
It's my favorite shade of taupe, you could say. 
I have received many compliments while wearing this color.

"Dutch Tulips" is a bright, in your face kind of red.
It's probably the best bright red shade I have found for my skin tone.
I also receive a lot of compliments about this color.
And nothing says "Christmas" quite like bright red nails.

Now, I beg you to disregard how messy my nails look in this photo.
This little baby is "After School Boy Blazer".
It appears black to the untrained eye, but upon a closer look,
it is quite obviously a deep, vampy navy. 
I bought the small bottle of this at Target to give it a try,
but I think I will need to purchase the full size bottle sometime soon.

And the winner is...

After School Boy Blazer 
Because I can't help but love my dark, vampy nails.
Also, ignore whatever face I'm making in this picture.

What nail colors have you been loving so far this winter? As always, I am open to suggestions for any excuse to buy more nail polish. I hope you all are having a wonderful December so far!

Until next time,

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  1. So I was totally swooning the moment I saw Nite Owl in that first pic because I am an endless collector of taupe nail polishes. As in, apparently I'm now into my second dozen and having to keep myself from buying yet another awesome shade of neutral heaven. ;) But I always say that I got my taste in nail polish from my Grandmother.

    Which is why I totally had to LOL at "What can I say? I like my old lady nail colors."