Friday, December 12, 2014

Winter Time | Mood Board

I thought I would share a little holiday cheer on my blog since it's almost Christmas! I find winter to be aesthetically pleasing, aside from the grey slush that gets stuck to your car and shoes in February. But we won't worry about that yet because it is still December and that means it's time for Christmas trees, baking cookies, and hanging up fairy lights wherever you please. Without further ado... a little winter/Christmas/cozy inspiration...


All of these images are from my Pinterest. Follow me there if you aren't already. :)
Also, I have uploaded (yet another) tag video on my Youtube channel. It is the "Winter Wonderland" tag and it was a lot of fun to film, so I hope that you enjoy it as well.

I hope you all are having a very happy holiday season. I am taking the time to enjoy loved ones and reflecting on of all the changes that have occurred in 2014. I encourage you to do the same.


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