Thursday, October 30, 2014


'Tis the season to be spoooooooky

fa la la la la la la la la


I did a Halloween tag video yesterday and thought I'd share it on here. Don't ya just love Halloween? What are you doing to celebrate this year? I'll be watching Hocus Pocus and eating all the sweets I can find!

Wishing you all the candy corn and witches hats you can handle. Have a safe and fun Halloween everyone! Thanks for coming by. See you next time!

Stay Spooky,

Thursday, October 23, 2014

I'm Gonna Be A Supermodel | Makeup Tutorial

What do you think of when you hear "90s makeup"? For me, I picture the classic supermodels of the decade that strutted down runways and made us think about cheekbones like never before. I have mentioned this many times before, but it is truly one of my favorite moments in beauty history. I was thrilled when Charlotte Tilbury posted a supermodel tutorial on her channel recently. I decided to film my own interpretation and I will add plenty of photo references as well. This makeup look is timeless and it flatters everyone. I hope you enjoy!

Charlotte's tutorial

Supermodel Makeup Inspiration

Christy and Cindy tie for my very favorite super models.

Also, Taylor Marie Hill is a young, up and coming model
and she definitely epitomizes this look.

  I can't wait to see how her career unfolds.

Makeup Concepts

  You get the idea....
None of the images are my own.
I found them all on Pinterest.

My tutorial

Stay Spooky,
 P.S. How could I not share this classic hit?

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

DIY | Pine Cone Bird Feeders

I have been wanting to do this particular  DIY for a long time and I have finally been able to. So I thought I would snap some pictures of the process and share them with you today. This has been a favorite craft of mine since I was kid and it is absolutely kid friendly. It's simple (though a bit messy) and  requires only a few, easy to find supplies. The reason why I enjoy this particular craft so much is that it's a way to be outside and it gives birds AND squirrels something to enjoy. Just call me Snow White. So gather up any fallen pine cones and get started!

 additonal supplies needed: 
scissors and a surface for finished cones

Step 1: Double knot a piece of twine or  yarn around your pine cones. It's best to do this to every pine cone before you begin, otherwise you will get peanut butter everywhere. Ask me how I know.

Step 2: This is fun part. Select one of  the pine cones and literally slather peanut butter all over it. I found using a spoon is helpful for this part.

Step 3: Roll the peanut buttery pine cone in a bowl of bird seed. Make sure it is nice and covered so your woodland creatures have lots to snack on.

Ta da! How simple is that?

Step 4: Gather up your cones into a bowl to carry them from tree to tree. Hang them on various branches to allow easy access for the birds and other creatures.

 Are there any fall crafts you enjoy? I would love some suggestions! I hope this maybe inspired you to create a little feeder for your neighborhood birds. I'm sure they will be very grateful. Thanks for visiting. :)

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Autumn Lookbook | Video

I made my first ever lookbook video! It was fun to make and I hope I can continue to make even more in the future. You can watch it here or on my Youtube channel.

I hope you like! What kind of pieces are you obsessing over for Autumn? I can't get enough of the over sized sweaters from H&M. I'll touch more on that in a later post. :)

Thanks for watching! Let me know what other kinds of styling videos you would be interested in.

Stay Spooky,

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Fall Makeup Routine (Tutorial)


I posted the photo above to my different social media pages and asked if anyone would like to see how I achieve  my every day Fall makeup look. Quite a few of you responded to it, so I finally sat down and filmed it! GREAT NEWS! I got to use a nice camera and even got to edit clips together! SOOOO HAPPY! :)

Below are pictures I took after I filmed the video. The same products used  both times aside from the eye shadow. I explain why in the video (hint hint watch the video).

I hope you all enjoy this look! It's not too fussy and it helps me feel put together for my day. It's only the beginning of  October, so there is plenty of time for more Fall blogging. Leave comments/suggestions/ideas/whatever you please! I love hearing from you! x

Stay Spooky,

Monday, October 6, 2014

"I Put A Spell On You" | Style Crush: Witches

I think witches are super cool. I have always wanted magical powers, but since that never happened (or did it?) I live vicariously through stories and movies about having them. What could be more fun than mixing potions, casting spells, and riding around on a broomstick? Not to mention the decadent garb often associated with witchy women. Which is why I'm here because I need to talk about it.

Let's begin with some basic style inspiration. I gather a lot of sartorial ideas from movies. We can't talk about witch style without first mentioning Hocus Pocus. I have to confess that Allison is my actual style crush in this movie. That red hooded coat! However, the Sanderson sisters' costumes are truly iconic. Each sister had her assigned wardrobe color and their dresses were made of velvety goodness. My favorite was always Sarah because purple is one of  my favorite colors, but I have a deep affection for Winifred.

Case in point.


This movie was released in 1993 and the costumes are still mimicked 20+ years later. Everyone. Bow down to the true queens of witchery and style.

Does anyone else cry when Binx finally crosses over? Is that just me? Okay. Moving on...

True '90s fashion gold is found within the approximate 101 minutes that is The Craft. I actually found this movie at a rummage sale for $2. Score. If  you've never seen this movie and you are a 90s lover, I highly suggest you watch it. It is truly a gem from the decade.

Nancy was the most edgy. Obviously.

Can't get enough of the 90s? I can't either. Practical Magic is a great movie to awaken your inner 90s girl. Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman had the best clothes (and the best house) in this movie. The aesthetics in this film are truly lovely.

I highly appreciate Gilli's more wild style.

Though I relate more to Sally's earthy style.

Regardless, their outfits were/are the best.

Also, take time to notice the little black kitten in the beginning of the movie. Gilli is holding a black cat at the end of the movie. It's the same cat. THAT'S AN OLD CAT.

Honorable mentions for cool witch style: Kiki's Delivery Service and Halloweentown. Two of my favorite childhood movies, hands down.

The predicament now is how to work these elements into an every day kind of vibe. The earthy witch thing is easy to do with (duh) earth tones. Cozy sweaters, floral dresses, leather boots, etc. The other side of things is a bit darker and more mysterious, which is often how witches are perceived. I guess you could wear a velveteen cloak (I wouldn't judge you), but I'm assuming most people wouldn't find it practical. The simplest way to embrace your inner witch (you know she's there) is to stick with all black. Think American Horror Story "Coven". Taissa Farmiga's style ruled, but don't forget about the supreme style of Jessica Lange. FIONA! Yeah, that kind of thing.

Here's a little street style inspiration to get your gears moving...

 The motto for this style.

 And here's my take on the concept.

Witch Style

Side note: None of  these images are my own. I found them using Pinterest and Polyvore.

Stay Spooky,

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Five Favorites | Fall Vinyl

I began collecting vinyl records in high school. It might have seemed silly because I didn't own a record player, but I knew I would someday. Music has always been my safe place. Discovering that I could hold albums I cherish in my hands opened a new world for me. Collecting them was a way for me to begin creating who I was going to be. Even then I had a very strong idea of the kind of woman I wanted to be. All these years later, I think my 17 year old self would like who I am now. I was frequently in the record stores in Bloomington and I visit them whenever I go back. Lucky for me I worked near a Reckless Records in Chicago so I was in there quite a bit as well. And, of course, I found a record store where I live now that I absolutely adore. Much like the smell of old books, holding an old vinyl gives me a rush of nostalgia and comfort. I like the process of moving the needle and listening to those few seconds of popping before the music begins. 

 My first records included some very well loved Bob Dylan classics. My Bobby D collection has grown immensely since and so has my collection in general. I thought I would share with you some of my favorite albums for this time of year. I'll begin with an obvious choice; Mr. Bob Dylan.

Bob Dylan
The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan
Favorite track: Girl from the North Country

Amy Winehouse 
Back to Black
Favorite track: Tears Dry On Their Own

The Tallest Man On Earth
The Wild Hunt
Favorite track: Kids on the Run

Beach House
Teen Dream
Favorite track: Used to Be

Iron and Wine
Our Endless Numbered Days
Favorite track: Love and Some Verses

What are some of your favorite albums that remind you of this time of year? I'd love some recommendations for vinyls to my ever growing collection. 

Stay Spooky,

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

October Mood Board


October, that is. This is my favorite month of all the months and I plan to blog about it as often as possible. To kick off this glorious month, I thought I would share some eye candy. All images were found on Pinterest. Follow me there for more.

"Delicious Autumn! My very soul is wedded to it. And if I was a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns."
- George Eliot

Stay Spooky,