Saturday, April 25, 2015

Five Favorites | Spring Nail Colors

Spring is here and where have I been? Life sure does get busy sometimes. Luckily I found some time and inspiration to get back on here to talk about some things I like. If you know me at all, you are probably aware that I love polishing my nails. I typically opt for darker tones, as it is a perpetual autumn in my head, but since it's Spring I thought I would share some lighter polishes with you.

(from L to R: 
Essie "A Crewed Interest", 
Essie "Fiji" 
Essie "Bikini So Teeny", 
Essie "Find Me An Oasis", and 
O.P.I. "Don't Bossa Nova Me Around")

I also wanted to tell you about the base and top coats I am currently using. Sally Hansen's base coats have made my nails grow longer than anything I have tried before. The top coat does it's job, but I am still on the hunt for one that blows me away. I'll keep you posted if I ever find it. However, I do suggest trying any of Sally Hansen's nail treatments...they have definitely worked for me!

Below is a video I posted with more in depth descriptions of each polish.

I hope you enjoyed this little update and I hope you are doing well!

Until next time,

Friday, April 3, 2015

Style Crush | Felicity Jones in "Like Crazy"

"I thought I understood it, but I didn't. 
Only the idea of it. Of you and me." 

Have you ever seen "Like Crazy"? It released in late 2011, at the same time I was nursing my freshly broken heart. I remember the night I saw it. I was feeling lonely and trying to find something to do, so I went to the local Walgreens and rented this movie from the Redbox there. I came home to my little studio apartment, popped this movie in, and cried throughout the entirety of it. It was, without a doubt, the exact movie I needed at that time. 

I am aware that crying throughout an entire movie does not sound appealing to most people, but this film helped me in a lot of ways. I felt understood, less alone, because of this film. It is beautifully written, beautifully directed, and the two lead actors are phenomenal. If I had to summarize this movie into only a few words, I would say that it is incredibly real. Whether you have ever been in a long distance relationship or not, this movie will touch a part of you. It shows you the complexity of true love, the gritty things nobody ever talks about. The desperate missing of someone you can't be with, the vulnerability of being in love. 

I will get on with this post, but I really wanted to tell you all how much I loved this film. I haven't watched it since that autumn night in 2011, I just don't think I can handle it, but it is a beautiful movie. One that is worth watching at least once.

In between my gasping sobs, I noticed how beautiful Felicity Jones is. I mean, obviously.

I like the way her character, Anna, is costumed in the film. Her style is feminine, understated, and delicate. She wears minimal jewelry and makeup, and her hair is always perfectly undone.

I have collected some stills from the movie. You can see just how lovely her costumes are, soft and delicate, but there is always something slightly undone...much like a girl in love.

 The scene with the two main characters together on the beach may be one of my favorites from the whole movie. This scene stuck out to me for a couple reasons. The first reason being my own personal style is very similar to Anna's style, especially in this scene. The second reason is that this is when the two main characters are in the free fall of their relationship. You can see the mutual adoration and connection they have. Little do they realize, they are falling in a real, true love that will stick with them forever. It's a powerful emotion shot in a soft and lighthearted setting. This moment, this powerful life changing thing, was captured perfectly and beautifully in this film.

"I just have to say one thing and it’s very important that you just listen to me. I just…it doesn’t feel like this…this thing is gonna go away, it’s always there. I can’t…I can’t get on with my life.
The things that we have with each other, I don’t have with any other person. With any other human being apart from you. We should be with each other, and I feel it so strongly.”

Are you seeing how well this movie was written and directed? I remember being blown away by how accurately everything was portrayed. This movie will break your heart, or give your broken heart some company. However, the story, the cinematography, and these incredibly talented actors gave this movie an incredibly worthwhile watch. This movie has a huge following for a reason. Just watch it. I promise you will not be disappointed. 

 Until next time,