Friday, January 1, 2016

Lookin' Good, 2016!


Not to be terribly cliche, but I have to write about how excited I am for this upcoming year. I felt an overwhelming amount of positivity yesterday and it's still here today as I write this down.

This is not to say that 2015 wasn't a great year. It truly was. On January 1st, 2015 I was in Florida, wondering where my life was heading. I was only daydreaming about what the year would look like.

So many of those daydreams became a reality. I'm back in the city I have called home for a long time. I'm pursuing my academic goals. I'm making it on my own the way I have been wanting to.

2015 consisted of making new friends, visiting new places, moving, conversations, heartache, anxiety, laughter, new family members, independence, and so many other wonderful and awful things. Some days, good and bad, are ingrained in my mind forever. Some people came into my life while others left. I am letting go of any sense of control I think I might have.

I have accepted that happiness is not a reasonable goal. Instead, I strive for wholeness. That means I welcome the challenges and the bad times along with every moment of happiness that occurs. I think it's important to allow yourself to feel everything that happens to you.

I am lucky enough to have people in my life who remind me what I'm capable of when I often forget. My mom wrote a letter to me not too long ago, reminding me of how proud she is of me, my passion, and my determination. It's moments like this that keep me going when I feel run down and discouraged. I am feeling inspired and more driven than ever.

With 2016 finally here, I cannot wait to see what else I can learn. Happy new year, my friends. It's gonna be a good one.

Until next time...